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Charme & Parquet: Cement tilesMaintenance of cement tilesCharme & Parquet



Cement tiles should be treated after installation :

- to protect them by making them waterproof and sealed.
- to make the colors brighter and more lustrous if you wish.


The floor must be completely dry before treatment.
The cement tiles must breathe for a sufficient period of time to allow any water to evaporate.

If the newly tiles floor is treated too soon, humidity will get trapped underneath the sealed layer and dark spots will appear.
A damp tile will not absorb the treatment products correctly.

HOW TO CLEAN the newly tiled floor before treatment :

Never use strong acid products like cement remover or bleach as they would irreparably damage the tiles.
Clean with a mop/brush and water, using a PH neutral soap.
Any persistent stains or leftover material may be taken off with a dishcloth (scotch brite) or water sanding paper n600.
Be careful not to sand too much. Rinse well with water.

1 - Sealer products : Always recommended (Waterproof, oil proof and stain proof treatment)
Similar to products used to treat clay or marble. Apply one or two layers with a brush or a roller.
These products penetrate the tile without leaving a superficial layer, leaving the floor waterproof and protecting it completely from grease and other stains.

We have tested and recommend LEX SOL 47 which preserve the natural matt finish of the tiles.

Do not apply too much of the product and only use it on a perfectly dry floor.
The excess would leave glistening stains on the surface.
Always test first on a spare tile before applying it on the entire surface.

2 - Waxing the floor, finishing treatment after sealing :
The traditional and most common treatment for antique, cement floors.
Wax protects and brings out colors, giving them a glossy finish.
Apply a coat of pure wax to fill out the tile.
For routine maintenance, clean the floor once a month with the same wax added to the water used to mop.

3 - Maintenance :
Clean with neutral soap (green soap, Murphy soap.) and water