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Charme & ParquetCast iron radiatorCharme & Parquet

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The Decorated cast iron radiators are authentic sculptures inspired from 1920 Art Nouveau. These models, a real artwork, combine the nobility of melting and of fine sculptures. The heat induced by a cast iron radiator is not comparable to what is provided by other materials used for heating.

electric cast iron radiators 52 cm      cast iron radiator retro style   
Due to the exceptional capacity for accumulation and the density of its material, the cast iron radiator offers a smooth and homogeneous distribution of heat, providing an optimal thermal comfort in almost total silence.

cast iron radiator rococo and retro faucet      cast iron radiator with columns of 35 cm   
We offer distinct styles :

- The electric cast iron radiator, retro style : This technical innovation allows a cast iron radiator to simply be plugged into an electrical outlet. Equipped with a wireless thermostat, this cast iron radiator will provide an efficient heating while keeping the charm of the old.

- The classic cast iron radiator, retro style : The cast iron radiator will be connected to your hot water system in order to replace your existing system.
The cast iron radiator is also available in version with column 35 cm of hight.

For these two offers, it will be necessary to calculate the volume to heat and size up the cast iron radiator accordingly. The cast iron radiator retro style exists in 96/75/65/52 cm.

We also advise you to choose the color of your radiator from the pantone RAL.

Below is the range of faucets available suited to your retro style of cast iron radiator.

available faucets for cast iron radiator